About Us

MEHRBODAN Company started working in the field of Oil, Gas, Refinery, Power plant and petrochemical in order to provide a wide range of sealing products and improve quality of manufacturing.

MEHRBODAN has promoted his producing technology by setting up a new factory in Abyek industrial city in Iran, using advanced machinery and deployment of experts.

Also this company has obtained ISO certificates of ISO/TS 29001:2010 and ISO 9001:2008 for quality management of oil, gas and petrochemical.

Now, MEHRBODAN Company can produce and offer various sealing products as following :

Spiral wound gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets for heat exchangers

Maxiprofile gaskets

Ring joint gaskets

Metal-jacketed gaskets

Flange insulation kit

Expanded graphite packing ring

Eyelet gasket

PTFE enveloped gaskets- Borosilicate gauge glass

Graphite sheet gaskets grafilit

PTFE sheet gaskets doniflon

Rubber gaskets